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2.5 weeks out midlands pca

By admin 28/08/19

Getting closer to the first show of the season now, we have pushed more over the past few weeks.

This is the current situation with food

Training day 

2 whole eggs 10 egg whites 

200g chicken , 30g rice

pre wo

40p whey, 50g ground rice, 100g pineapple

post wo

200g chicken, 1 scoop whey 50g baby rice

40p 90g baby rice 50g berries

Rest day 

10 egg whites, 10g pro from whey

200g chicken, 5g evoo

200g chicken, 1 egg

10 egg whites, 1 egg

20p whey, 300g geek yog 0% fat

currently added in 25 mins cardio training day and 35 mins cardio rest day

cycle wise added in more clen 75mcgs  and t3 37.5mcgs (this is my cycle and not a recommendation)

steps at 13k per day outside cardio, 2.5lbs down over the past week. the aim is to keep going now to pull another couple of pounds of which willl see me lighter than 2017 but visually much better, more balance and better condition. overall v happy.

as prep does its hard now hunger is high, most sessions strength is holding, to help recovery and performance there is a rest day added either side of legs which has helped massively


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