7.5 weeks out PCA midlands

So from here onwards ill be sharing most of what im doing via this blog

As of today i am just under 7.5 weeks out from the pca midlands show, plan is to qualify for the british, then do nabba england which is the last qualifier for the universe – my main aim this year is to get a good placing at this show.

I started this prep around 16 weeks , with JP who iv been with for around 5 years now through offseason and comp preps. I started at 204 lbs and now currently at 185 so 19 lbs down. Changes have been nice and steady from the start, currently on 15 mins cardio and hitting a step count of 8k (outside of the cardio which is just a faster paced walk) , just to keep things consistent.

this is currently where foods at

Training day 

3 whole eggs 8 egg whites 

200g 5% beef, 40g rice

40p whey, 70g ground rice, 100g pineapple

intra 50p 60c 

200g chicken 2 x wrap/pitta , 80g coco pops

40p whey, 75g oats, 15g honey 

Rest day 

3 whole eggs 8 egg whites

225g 5% beef  40g rice

45g pro from whey, 60g oats, 100g pineapple, 

225g chicken, 250g potato, 

20p whey, 300g geek yog 0% fat, 40g nut butter 

Cycle is currently 400mg test e, 500mg primo, 200mg mast, with the addition today of 300mg tren, 25mcg t3, 30mcg clen. Slin was at 5iu post wo which has now gone, also using 4iu gh (fasted).

very smooth prep so far and happy with the progress, the best position iv been in at this stage. i think a big part of this was taking  a good 16 months out.